Basic movement

Your characters have two base options: move and attack. These are shown by the icons underneath your character's icon in the top-left corner - arrows for movement, swords for attack. Tap your character to switch between move/attack options.

If your character's move option is selected, green tiles (screenshot above) will indicate your selected character's movement range. (The attack option will display red tiles when selected.)

  • Note: Heroes can move up, down, side-to-side and also diagonally; Hirelings cannot move diagonally.

How to move: if you simply want to move as far as possible, tap the tile which is the desired final location for your character. The tile will then be highlighted, and the path that has been automatically chosen will be shown. Tap the desired tile again to confirm and move your character.

Moving along a desired path

It is also possible to selected a desired path for your character. This may be useful if you wish to pick up a specific item, or otherwise to avoid an opponent character's Guard Zone.

To do this, tap one-by-one the tiles that reflect the desired path for your character. When ready, tap the final tile again to confirm and move your character.

  • Note: choosing your desired path will reduce your character's movement range.