The multilpe cycles between day (SunPops) and night (NightFalls) have a strong influence on your Hero and the game. Your task is to learn how to adapt your Hero and gameplay strategy to take these cycles into account and gain an advantage over your opponent. But don't forget that your opponent can also learn how to adapt.

Each turn, the LightShift Talisman moves one point closer to the next LightShift. Note: some spells may affect the clock, either speeding it up or slowing it down.

The day/night cycle affects the following aspects of gameplay (see screenshots below):
  1. Your Hero's abilities can only be used during either SunPops or NightFalls
  2. Your Hirelings (minions) will often have different powers/abilities during SunPops and NightFalls
  3. Some Spells can only be used during either SunPops or NightFalls
  4. Your Hero will transform physically

1. Abilities - look for the small sun or night symbol indicating when that ability can be used (here circled in red):

2. Hireling attributes often change with SunPops and NightFalls

3. Watch out for day/night symbols on your Spell cards (here circled in red)