Experience Points
Experience Points (XP) are earned by winning battles. As your heroes gain XP, a new skill is unlocked with each new level reached. Each Hero can reach up to level 10.

Equip passive and active Nightfalls or SunPops abilities based on your desired strategy.

To change your abilities:

Abilities can be unlocked using Ability Orbs – purple gems which are to be found in Chests.
To unlock new abilities:
1. Navigate to the Deck screen in the game menu. Your Hero’s current abilities are displayed on the left side of the screen; click the “Change” button.

2. A more detailed view of your Hero’s abilities will open, showing the equipped abilities on the left. The right shows all possible abilities for your Hero. Those which are grayed-out and have a lock symbol have not yet been unlocked. Select the desired ability.

3. The number of Ability Orbs required to unlock it will be shown in the bottom left corrner; your current reserve of Ability Orbs is shown in the top right corner.